One thing leads to another

Have you ever started down a particular path and was pretty sure how it was going to end, being quite confident that everything was quite copacetic. Somewhere down that path, things went sideways, askew, not as expected, and left you surprised about the outcome. I have an expression that I often use: surprise equals expectations minus reality. It is the expectations that somehow need to be reset. Maybe the outcome was better than planned for, maybe worse. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the same objective in mind, but the expectations about how you’re going to get there may need to be adjusted as you are moving towards that objective. As goal posts move, so can the outcome. Expectations are that kind of thing that needs to be reset all the way down a path.
Have you ever started down at a particular path with a very clear objective in mind, and totally out of nowhere everything went sideways? But, by the time everything was all over, it ended up the way you wanted, or even better.
Tell us about it!


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