Don’t forget the 011 if calling international

Yesterday had the hankering to chat with Leah [daughter of mine], who is somewhere in Uganda. I looked for her number in Skype messages, txt messages, email, but no luck. Finally I decided to look at the call log for my home phone. My home phone is with Vonage, and I can go back and look at all my calls. That’s copacetic.

I found her number 256**** and called. “That number is no longer in service” was the reply. Not copacetic. So, a brief moment of sadness washed over me, then I went about my work.

This morning there was an email from Leah with recent news, location, and the plans for the next few days. It included her mobile number. The one I had was correct. Then I realized I had forgotten the 011.

Had a great, albeit short – lousy connection, chat.

Don’t forget the 011.


1 thought on “Don’t forget the 011 if calling international

  1. Leah, Daughter of yours

    Let’s talk again! This time get all the numbers! My Friday night for your Friday morning. Our plans to see Nabugabo Lake are cancelled, turns out it’s a “resort lake”… boring! So we’re going to a cluster of islands in Lake Victoria, called the Ssese Islands. It’s going to be lazy beach time for us, for the first time in two months. Talk soon!


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