Breakfast with the guys

Saturday mornings a bunch of us guys, sometimes gals will join, have breakfast at a location determined by a combination of proximity to where the 905 Walking Group starts their walk and by feedback garnered from the folks at the previous Saturday’s breakfast. There are certain objectives we aim for:

  • Free parking
  • Bottomless coffee [not today, see first proximity issue above]
  • Good food in copious amounts [ideally something with a lot of garlic for one of the regulars]
  • Not too noisy [folks with hearing aids and noisy locations don’t go well]
  • One guy likes cloth napkins and table cloths [a bit to highbrow for this group, in general]

Discussions are wide ranging for a group of divers guys. There aren’t any rules around subject matters, but the garlic lover has a certain disdain for “geeky” topics, unless he needs help with a “thingy” he is interested in buying.

Jokes are frequent and one-liners are plentiful. Today’s one-liner:

You know there is something wrong with society when you can shoot a guy in public but not make love in public … I won’t say why he brought that topic up!

We tell our wives we discuss our feelings. We know they know better.


1 thought on “Breakfast with the guys

  1. Frankie

    As I recall, on some Saturday mornings, there have been discussions on much deeper matters than electronic “thingies” or whether we should be allowed to shoot people in public. Topics have ranged anywhere from life after death to the equality of men and women and even the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran.

    This amazing and interesting group of people (mostly men) gather together every Saturday morning under the pretense of eating breakfast together. However, I suspect, they actually come for the conversation and the camaraderie.

    I feel fortunate to have been invited to join them.


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