Traveling again.

We just flew from Victoria to Ottawa and generally speaking, we  had a very good trip. Actually, any trip that you leave and arrive at your destination successfully should be considered a good trip!
In this case, it was a good trip because we succeeded in arriving at our destination. There really weren’t that many things that went wrong, but, when they were going wrong, they seem like a big deal.

Let me give you an example of the first one: when we were sitting in the airport in Victoria, I called the hotel in Calgary to confirm the reservation, and to find out where we needed to go in the airport to pick up the shuffle. He confirmed that we indeed had a reservation, and we need to go to gate number 10 to pick up the shuffle. He suggested that once we pick up our bags we should call him to arrange for the shuttle, as it naturally doesn’t wait there all the time. So, once we arrived, and picked up on bags, we diligently called the hotel to arrange for the shuttle. He informed me that the shuttle just left the airport, and would be back in 45 minutes to pick us up. I asked if the shuttle could turn around and come back, but, no, that wasn’t possible. I asked why was it going to take so long since the reason we chose that hotel was firstly since it was inexpensive, and secondly because it was only 8 minutes away from the airport. He said something about construction and said that the driver would be there in 45 minutes, goodbye. About 20 minutes later I called back and asked him if he could have the driver come into the airport and meet us as we were sitting on some comfortable lounge chairs inside the airport as opposed to sitting on the hard wooden benches outside. He called the driver who confirmed that would be okay.

So, actually, the driver showed up and took us to the hotel turned out to be in a woman who arrived in Canada 8 years ago from Afghanistan. She talked a lot about the importance of education. She said ‘yes love’ alot in agreement.  She said that her and her brother wanted to open a franchise shop, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, or something like that. It very nice transition from what I was expecting.  The hotel wasn’t  ‘super’ nor was it 8 minutes away.

The flight from Calgary to Ottawa was interesting in that there were three babies around us at the back of the airplane. What was really interesting was at the babies almost didn’t cry at all on the entire flight. The people around had concerned looks about number babies on the flight, but when the babies didn’t cry at all for the entire flight there was quite a lot of amazement going on especially when we landed people were almost congratulating parents! I actually thought the babies should have congratulated! The baby beside me, was 6 months old, her name is Caitlin. Dressed in pink. Cute as a button, as they say.

The woman sitting in front of us had a 9 month old baby, and her husband and it two year old son sat on the two seats on the aisle to the right. Beside her, was a man who was traveling alone. The flight attendant tried to make a deal with a man who was sitting alone in the back row to have this other man join him so that the woman would have the space to put her baby. The man in the back row was uncooperative and wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I was able to hear the flight attendant call her superior asking what to do about this. They decided that the man who was sitting in front of us would transfer to the flight attendant’s seat at the back on the other side and leave the grumpy man alone.

We arrived nicely, got our bags and rented a car and went off to Mary Ann’s, the connected with son Jamie who flew in from Japan.

Oh yes, we are here for my daughter Leah’s wedding!


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