Monthly Archives: January 2014

When filling in government forms

fill this in...Just had the interesting experience of trying to fill in a government form. It was a “simple” government form with lots of checkboxes, places to write names, and other miscellaneous but¬†evidently very important information. Before we actually submitted the form we decided to go by and make sure we did everything correctly, because we do not want to submit the form wait several days and find out we didn’t do it correctly. Try to be a little proactive!

So, it turns out that we had not done that good a job. Considering that both Sheila and I are university educated, as on the ball as your average person, we thought we did a good job.

Names need to be spelled exactly as they are on the attached form: if one has an initial, the other form must have an initial. If one has a middle name fully spelled out, the other must have the middle name fully spelled out. If one has the date format incorrectly written, the other matching form must have the date written in exactly the same incorrect format. Everything needs to be exactly the same, but it must be handwritten. Good luck with my handwriting!

Anyway, Sheila will be going back on Monday to submit the final version, and see what happens!

And, yes, I’m not being particularly specific about what it is I’m talking about here! That’s intentional!


Not as planned

When I hear a project manager say something like this “we hope to have this deliverable …”, I sometimes want to jump in and say “hope” is not a strategy.

Well, I probably should have said it to myself when I created my copacetic site website a year ago. I had the best intentions, and “hoped” to post regularly on the site. Well, I didn’t. So, because of that, and decided that I couldn’t really justify continuing to pay the measly cost to have the domain name. So, I will officially let it go at the end of January. In its stead, I am going to be going with these free WordPress sites. What the heck?

Having said that, I no longer anticipate, which is also not a good word to use in a strategy, to be posting regularly. But if I do, I’ll be the first to know!