Grey’s Anatomy episode about a girl with arthrogroyposis

For those of you who watched Grey’s Anatomy last evening, [I typically don’t, but a friend called me telling me I should watch it] you will have noticed that there was little girl who had “clubbed feet”, and later on they mentioned that she actually Arthrogryposis. This is the condition that I was born with. In the television show, they showed only a few photographs of what could’ve been the girl’s feet. Arthrogryposis is quite indiscriminate in where it affects people who get it. In her case, if it were true, she would’ve had it in her feet. Other people get it and all of their extremities, like me, other people get it in only one arm or one leg. Typically, pain is not associated with it except for the time just after the operations. In the TV show, the girl was really angry at her father because he would not permit her to have her feet amputated and replaced with prosthetics. Eventually, for variety of reasons, the father agreed: Primarily as a way to eliminate the pain. As an adult now, I often joke about going in for a body job and having all of my limbs replaced with robotics! I don’t think I would actually ever do it.


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