Who am I?

Good question.Jim Flood

  • Here I am on LinkedIn.
  • Here I am on Facebook.
  • Here is where I work now.
  • Here is a link to my autobiography.

Below is a teaser from the autobiography.

From Hearst to Sick Kids to wheelchair racing and more

Hearst is the name of the place where I was born. Just below James Bay in Northern Ontario, it had, and still has, about two thousand people. Some time around the beginning of the school year in 1952 I was conceived. Friday, May 1, 1953 about 3:00 AM I was born. The youngest of five kids, I wasn’t quite what my parents had in mind.

Now, the real question is this; why bother writing about myself? Read more here.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Frankie

    This is a very cool Website. It’s easy to read — easy to navigate — unlike some others that are confusing and cluttered with so much nonsensical gobbledygook. I’m liking it a lot!

  2. Jon A Sigurdson

    Don’t know what I’m getting myself into here, but, if Jim’s in, so am I, I guess.

    Jono FarWestCoast-Dreamin’


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